Living Colors

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living colors is a contemporary casual fast food diner that aspires to the young generation their favorite diner fare fast but with great tasting high end approach. It boasts with its spectacular play space add-on that caters to the children’s needs. it offers a safe, clean and friendly atmosphere for you and your kids.
this newfound sophistication is reflected, from our identity to our architecture, from our service to our food, and even to the way we package it.

in today’s world dining out has become a multi-sensory event. With the onslaught of globalization, our taste has become more sophisticated in all aspects. we are now exposed to an immeasurable amount of cultures, cuisines, arts, technologies, traditions & novelties.

with a fresh, bold & vivacious approach to casual dining in mind, we placed the emphasis on vibrant, modern colors specifically because of all their positive connotations.

with the conscious move away from the obvious look of a diner, the aim was to evoke an atmosphere which though clearly modern, remained somewhat familiar and welcoming in the traditional style that diners are.

concept develoment: dolorés el ramy mouracadé